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What We Do


Staffing & Recruiting 

Whether you are looking for temp-to-hire, direct hire, or outsourced staffing, we are your solution. Our specialty is optimizing your business by recruiting hard-working, talented and dedicated staff. We work on a referral basis and conduct interviews in the candidate's first language. Our process utilizes 20+ years' experience in screening and hiring for fit, both in the USA and Latin America. We are engaged in communities as a socially-responsible company both directly and through partner organizations.  We believe that meeting candidates through networking while seeking to understand each one, is a critical step in reaching later talent development goals for your company. 



Retaining good employees is often the culmination of good practices throughout a company. Yet we treat it in focus because we understand such factors as limited time, budget and the benefits of taking a stepped approach to limit distraction from your core operations. We seek high-return solutions to significantly lower turnover while maintaining or reducing overall labor costs. We begin by understanding your goals as a company - from daily operations to the mid and long-term.  We then seek to understand the perceptions of your staff and work to align them with your company's goals. This is typically done through breakout sessions by first language, to account for nuances which often prove vital to help staff move in a positive and cohesive direction. 


Many companies with a multilingual, multicultural workforce are operating below optimal efficiency.  Though rudimentary common language skills often exist and are necessary to coordinate work, many companies are missing out on the opportunity to reach higher levels of efficiency, production, and ultimately less staff per unit of work produced. We utilize a variety of methods to enhance or standardize communication, as well as the understanding of work instructions and safety protocols. We work to reduce your need to maintain duplicate translated information while focusing on processes and placement of your bilingual staff.  In sum, we help you build or strengthen a culture of teamwork, productivity, and dedication.


Consulting and Business Strategy

Superior Decision provides hands-on consulting for bilingual English-Spanish workplaces, business operations, or grants. Whether it be production or professional staff, international partners or customers, we tailor solutions to meet your bilingual needs. We have extensive multicultural experience to help improve your internal operations or facilitate your external business. From talent development to maximizing negotiations and cross-border business, our goal is to increase effectiveness in a sustainable manner.  For projects and grants, we help maximize outcomes through services such as budgeting, designing, planning, execution, and evaluation.

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